Eye of the Fountain

Eye of the Fountain was a documentary about the alter ego of musician Billie Fountain. The promo videos were made to generate funding for its full production. The project is currently on hold.

Promo 1 VFX Scenes: 00:01 Intro Moon to Earth, 00:37  Moon Reflection on Glasses

Promo 2 VFX Scenes: 00:01 Intro Moon to Earth, 01:54 Sun Interaction with Earth

Written by Umut Gunduz and Corey Webb.
Director – Umut Gunduz
DoP – Holly Cochrane
Assistant Director – Juliet Cochrane
Make-up – Thom Shaw
Wardrobe – Charlie Robinson
Sound – Antonio Martins and Manuel Boix

Special FX – Zeynep Kilic

Music by Billie Fountain