International Women’s Club of Moldova

International Women’s Club of Moldova (IWCM) is a social and charitable club aiming to welcome and assist women who are new to Moldova; foster friendship amongst their members; further the members’ knowledge and understanding the wonderful Moldova and raising funds for charitable and assistance projects, which benefit Moldovan women and children.

The IWCM volunteers organize two regular annual charity fundraising activities: the extremely popular Winter Bazaar, which brings the international and local communities together to share national cultures, flavours and diversity; and the Night of Art, which showcases the beautiful and impressive work of Moldovan artists and crafts makers.



Taking part of the 21st Edition of the Winter Charity Bazaar was a very fulfilling experience. My contributions consisted of developing the bazaars image including its poster, flyer, banner (airport and rollup) and certificate designs. I’ve also supported the event in public relations events, by taking part as a speaker in a press conference and a TV show. 


Printed Promotions



Public Relations Support

Photography by: Vlad Andreev




. Poster

. Flyer

. Banner

. Certificate

. Public Relations Support