Uplift is an energy desert produced for Viva4life, a UK based firm that sells health and nutrition products. High in protein and sugars, this semolina desert’s target audience is athletes.




My services encompassed Uplift’s branding development including: the brand name, motto, logo, packaging design, studio photography, photographic post-production and promotions designs.

As it is sold in the United Kingdom’s market, it’s packaging design has been made in compliance with the European Union’s  regulations.


The Motto “Delight & Energise”

While “Delight” invites the buyer to the pleasures of taste that is hidden in the packaging, “Energise” communicates for the urgent need for high calorie intake for the target audience which consists of athletes.


“A Taste of Nostalgia”

“Semolina Dessert traces back to a very long time ago. Traditionally sold in trays, we have hygienically placed this dessert into packages, preserving its most natural form and taste.”

This short message written on the side of the pack communicates to us the traditional, thus original taste. This traditional approach, which suggests that there has been no compromise on taste during production, differentiates the desert from other mass produced deserts on the store’s shelves, . This originality, being one of the desert’s key features, is emphasized on the front of the single packaging with the message “Homestyle Baking”.

Uplift is a tradition brought to to our modern days and for this key reason, the visual identity holds a retro look with a modern touch.



Single Pack Packaging

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Display Box Packaging, 12 Units

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Parcel Packaging



Promotions Designs: Newspaper advert (includes Studio Photography)



. Brand Identity  including:

. Brand Name

. Logo

. Motto

. Packaging Designs

. Single Pack Packaging

. Display Box Packaging (12 Units)

. Parcel  Packaging

. Studio Photography & Post-Production

. Promotions Designs